Those black eyes…

When we are describing some person, we sometimes like to refer to the color of their eyes, even though, that does not seem to have any effect on human character. However, we can often hear deceptive, deeply soul – touching eyes being mentioned.

Legends are being told about the origins of different types of eyes: one story tells of a Greek goddess Iris, that used to unfurl her robe in morning sky and form multicolored lights. The mythological explanation of the variety of iris colors is derived from this legend. Meanwhile, modern psychologists distinguish basic human character traits according to eye colors.

One of the most impressive types is the so-called black eyes. Often in the songs we hear Roma black eyes being mentioned, in the same way as we tend to describe the Arab world. What makes this color special?

Black-eyed people are attached to their relatives, although most rely on their own minds, everything is calculated. Their top priorities – aspiration to take care after their family as well as taking care after their own children, nevertheless, they seldom remain true to their second half. The black-eyed often falls in love and because of ambitions or a desirable object one overcomes all obstacles. These passionate people radiate joy of life, they are initiative, strong. However, at the same time they are of troubled character. Sometimes, because of the decisions taken in haste, they experience bitterness, but they definitely know the joy of victory. Despite all the hardships, the black-eyed remains strong.

Europeans are very often afraid of black eyes, while some of the Asians consider blue eyes as ‘dumb’. For more information, see the article “The blue-eyed – energy charge for those around them or unreliable people? “