The blue-eyed – energy charge for those around them or unreliable people?

In ancient times, thousands of years ago, the blue-occurring mutation‘s exposure towards the brown-eyed (who were already on the verge of extinction) prevented humans from the disappearance from the planet Earth. The introduction of blue mutation also gave the necessary vital energy, thereby programming the future of blue-eyed karma – spread of energy around us.

One of the blue-eyed characteristic features is world altering power; therefore, we should not get upset if the blue eyed people often fail to win lotteries, because they are programmed to achieve everything with their own effort. This is the sign of creators in a broader sense – the blue-eyed are able to implement their ideas. Warm– eyed people welcome the representatives of cold blue eyes as helpers, rescuers. The world is full of material for the ideas of the blue-eyed.

This does not mean that the blue-eyed must work by force – they have so much energy that for the realization of a calm, comfortable life they only have to distribute that energy. The brown-eyed that over millennia have become the receivers of others’ vitality are the ideal option of a partner for the blue-eyed, who want to give their own energy to somebody. In this way, the energy balance is takes its toll. All it takes is just a little talk between the blue-eyed and the brown-eyed and one will not feel frustration or excess energy because the reception of energy is the harmony, so desired by everyone, therefore brown and blue eyed couple is considered one of the most successful, for the blue eyed need the brown-eyed as doctors of the soul.

In astrological sense, the blue-eyed are under the influence of Venus, and therefore, they are distinguished by their romantic traits – they are very emotional, sensual, capable of falling in love to the very depths of their soul and capable of casting a spell around them with their passionate feelings. Thoughts and behavior can be unpredictable. Sometimes the blue-eyed seem arrogant, conceited, cocky, because they are prone to being quarrelsome, arguing, they tend to rush events, sometimes do not understand problems of people around them.

As for the positive qualities, their perseverance should be singled out, especially in attaining justice, fighting for truth till the end, even if they were to lose. Within their friend circle, they are perceived as trustworthy people.

The intensity of blue eye color, as well as the focus is different; therefore the character of different shaded blue eyes types is diverse. Let us take as an example the dark blue color, which is affected by Venus energy with a little of Moon‘s color. People, who contain this energy, are characterized by their persistence, but at the same time prone to sentimentality. They are often capricious, ambitious, and characterized by mood swings. They are capable of long perseverance and continuing feeling of resentment, despite the fact that the offender is already forgiven.

Meanwhile sky-blue eyed are deceitful people. It is difficult to make them tearful – others’ tears don‘t bother them; inherent are rage attacks and depression, which can occur for no apparent reason. They constantly follow their goals, but they neither have sentimentality nor sensuality. Mood swings are very rare; they are fairly quiet type of people. However, a smooth, uniform way of life is definitely not for them, from time to time a storm has to occur.

These different psychological types have been discovered and distinguished after psychologists had analyzed different eye color people’s behavior. Of course, one cannot consider these findings as scientific classification, but it is worth to take into account these characteristics, and combine with other psychological tests. After all, 19th century physio-gnomic specialists have put the highest importance to the eyes.