Brown eyes – deceptive or reliable

Very often brown-eyed people are considered treacherous, but rarely one looks deeper into the eye and notices, that the iris of the brown eye usually has different levels of intensity – either darker or brighter – this makes it a wholly different color. Characters of people with diverse shades of brown also vary.

The brown-eyed are distinguished by their appeal, sensuality, sharp mind, and they have an innate temperament. These people are not only quick to fight, but also quick to forget the insults. Quite a common feature amongst the brown-eyed is capriciousness. When reaching for the goal, the brown eyed people do it not by active work, rather, they use their skills to be well-received by other people, and bring about their ideas with the hands of others.

Determination (stubbornness) and capability of waiting (patience) as well as attractiveness are essential traits which help the brown-eyed in attaining the victory. Shrewd brown-eyed often make use of the above mentioned personal qualities, thus the whole caravan of fans that can offer assistance line up, and a skillful brown-eyed is only left to choose from whom to accept offers of assistance, and get whatever he/she wants.

Brown-eyed people are often experiencing the lack of strength. During human evolution the brown-eyed have mutated and thus appeared blue-eyed people who had different genetics – they were able to give a lot of vital energy, which is very lacking in the brown-eyed. Naturally, such distribution has been preserved to this day – some people are energy givers (donors), others are takers (vampires), but they are very necessary to each other because this balance helps harmony to predominate in their relations.

The brown-eyed facilitate the burden of greater energy amount after gathering the excess energy from the blue-eyed or gray eyed people. If a brown-eyed refused to accept assistance from the blue-eyed, the latter would be forced to endure or seek for another brown-eyed.

With choosing their second half, the brown-eyed should draw attention to those people, who can sacrifice as much as possible for their sake. It is advisable to constantly require at least little sacrifices from the blue or grey eyed partner: in this way the latter‘s life will be extended and it will also feel purposeful – being close to such “donors”, the brown-eyed would draw a lot of energy and accomplish a lot. In order to find a partner, the brown-eyed should take care of their own image – responsibly choose a hairstyle, clothes, pay attention to the way they speak – use properly selected words and phrases, avoid jargon: all this would help to form positive opinion about them.

From the astrological point of view, brown eyes is the kernel of the Sun and Mars‘ energies, therefore the brown-eyed are capable of selfless love, they are strong willed and have firm character in general. These people often experience success.

Light brown eyes‘owners differ from the dark-eyed – they are shy, dreamy, prone to fantasies, very hard-working and diligent. Surrounding people tend to trust them, because the light-brown eyed people always keep up to their word. Their individualistic willingness to act independently is expressed in their character. In life, they accomplish a lot and have great success. In addition to this, they do not tolerate injustice. Under the astrological aspect, the energy of light brown eyed is caused by the alloy solar and Venus, so these people are often strongly affected by an insult or harm.