Why do people have different eye colours?

Since the ancient times it has been said that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”, otherwise paraphrased, eyes contain all information about personality; one only has to learn to read it. We might also try to read non-verbal behavior, which reflects human intentions, interests and attitudes. Where have different eye colors come from, how they relate to the nature, its cataclysms and how many different shades can we discover in human sight? More →

Green-eyed sweetness comparable to cats

Green-eyed people have long been known as the embodiment of kindness: they always love sincerely, fervently and are faithful. These people not only have inherent goodness, but they are also characterized by their reliability. It is not uncommon to find manifestations of principal and strength in the green-eyed personality. More →

Those black eyes…

When we are describing some person, we sometimes like to refer to the color of their eyes, even though, that does not seem to have any effect on human character. However, we can often hear deceptive, deeply soul – touching eyes being mentioned. More →