Gray eyes – expression of will and reason

Gray eyed people live in Eastern and Northern Europe, although they can also be seen in North-West Africa and the Middle East (Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan).
Gray is a cold shade and the owners of these kinds of eyes are often referred to as “the lucky ones”: they are successful both in career, and in love. More →

Brown eyes – deceptive or reliable

Very often brown-eyed people are considered treacherous, but rarely one looks deeper into the eye and notices, that the iris of the brown eye usually has different levels of intensity – either darker or brighter – this makes it a wholly different color. Characters of people with diverse shades of brown also vary. More →

The blue-eyed – energy charge for those around them or unreliable people?

In ancient times, thousands of years ago, the blue-occurring mutation‘s exposure towards the brown-eyed (who were already on the verge of extinction) prevented humans from the disappearance from the planet Earth. The introduction of blue mutation also gave the necessary vital energy, thereby programming the future of blue-eyed karma – spread of energy around us. More →

Tablet pc is not harmful to our eyes

Ever since the invention of television, when discussing the effects of TV on children, parents have scared their little ones by constantly reminding that watching TV too often would ultimately make them put on glasses. In recent decades the old bogeyman “has acquired some new friends“- tablet computer and mobile phone, not to mention other modern gadgets. More →