Gray eyes – expression of will and reason

Gray eyed people live in Eastern and Northern Europe, although they can also be seen in North-West Africa and the Middle East (Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan).
Gray is a cold shade and the owners of these kinds of eyes are often referred to as “the lucky ones”: they are successful both in career, and in love. From the astrological point of view, these eyes are under the influence of Mercury. In case problems occur, these people do not hide their “head in sand“, quickly and decisively act when facing problems. Not everything is always easy; therefore, the grey-eyed cannot avoid deadlock situations, when the mind is helpless. These people are sensual, curious; they are always interested in things.

Dark-grey eyes are attributed to Mercury and Saturn “alloys” (dark shade) energy. People, who have such eyes, are stubborn and brave; they have a strong will, combative, assertive character. The feeling of envy is not alien to them either, though they try to hide it. Those, who have such a person besides, are really lucky, because the dark-gray eyed people usually love only once in a lifetime.

People, having grayish-green eyes have a very strong will, are able to overcome even the highest peaks. These people are considered silent, but sometimes that’s exactly what helps them to achieve the goal. They are also quite volatile personalities – when making important decisions they can be very strict, inflexible, even aggressive, oppressive (grey color gives this impression) – all these negative features are neutralized if the eyes in some cases turn green. Green color speaks about the barriers and does not completely let to experience the hidden disasters in the depths of ones soul.

Ambitions are bold, energy to implement them is enough, but many plans remain only on the level of ideas. This is because the grayish-green eyed people cannot be cruel to those they love, and further, they cannot go into conflict with those, who they cherish. In the absence of conflict, change often becomes impossible. The owners of such type of eyes choose their partners themselves and require them to answer to their feelings in same manner. If their quest for attention is not met, the passion fades. Moreover, if passion sparks the heart of another person, the grayish-green eyed devotes oneself to the relationship fanatically. Interesting enough, that the choice of partner can be easily changed if someone turns out to love the grayish-green eyed more than the current partner. The representatives of this color of the eye are being sought by brownish green eyed people; moreover, they are capable of providing the happiness to grayish-green eyed people in married life.

Astrologically, the energy of this particular eye color is created under the influence of the Moon and the Venus, including a small admixture of Mercury. Therefore, the grey-green eyed people are very intelligent, sensitive and strong enough to survive injustice done by other people, while the others do not notice it. If it was not enough, they are shy, prone to loneliness, dreamy. Surrounding people often consider them pragmatic, rigorous and … romantic.

Another interesting type of eye shade is grey with brown marbling or brown with grayish impurity. Representatives of these colors are never short of attention from their fans. They just take some time until entering a long-term relationship. This is because such people‘s character is very controversial, confusing both to themselves and to others – influence of mixed energy.

Grayish-brown eyed people can give and take – these two sides manifest equally. It is therefore not surprising that one wants to feel the power of other person, and sometimes the outburst of vampire‘s side of personality occurs, the drive to become a tyrant. These people do not find it easy to live, nor do their closest ones. The strongest possible union is with someone having the same type of eyes – only then the exchange of energy is balanced.

Astrologically this is energy of the Moon and the Sun with a mixture of Mars. These people are anxious, resistant, proactive, and passionate and they easily overcome various obstacles.