Green-eyed sweetness comparable to cats

Green-eyed people have long been known as the embodiment of kindness: they always love sincerely, fervently and are faithful. These people not only have inherent goodness, but they are also characterized by their reliability. It is not uncommon to find manifestations of principal and strength in the green-eyed personality. They are good listeners and counselors, as well as considered to be among the best partners when selecting a life-partner, since they are steady and do not lack imagination.

Unlike the greyish-brown eyed people, the green-eyed do not fall into the extremes, and look for a happy medium in life. The main goal is to achieve harmony with themselves, most importantly – be proud of ones thoughts and deeds. For the green eyed representatives the ultimate importance is that people, that they cherish, would be content. The world of green eye-owners looks bright and joyful, only if they do not reproach themselves. These people are very well aware of the features their friends and loved ones should have. If people meet the requirements of the green-eyed, they keep them and take care of … but those who do not meet their stakes should not strive – it is even possible to acquire an enemy.

Married life for the representatives of this color will be a lot easier, if they choose for themselves green eyed person or those people, whose eyes have greenish shade, in other words – “the middle ground.”

In astrological sense, the green eyes are a mix of energies from Venus and Neptune. People having these eyes are, probably, the most successful.

Very interesting and strange combination – greenish-brown eyes, owners of which fail both in giving as well as receiving, i.e. – There is no room to develop neither the ability to donate, nor vampirism. They can take a lot of things from the surrounding people, but so callously, as the brown-eyed are doing this, in addition, they try to convince people to do what they want.

These people do have diplomatic talent and are capable of philosophical reasoning. It is not enough for them simply to turn down the person, who has not done something that he/she was asked for – they also need to make sure that he/she spared ones act. Exposing such kind of strange evaluation these people can risque their well-being, their life, be considered vindictive and ruthless. When they rest, they are philosophers. Green-brown eyes’ owners really enjoy when the soul is filled with calmness and joy, but reaching such a state requires a lot of wisdom. In addition, explaining to people how they should act with this eye color representative and what is that he/she needs from other people; logical thinking and solid reasoning are very well developed.

The ideal partner is a person in greyish-green eyes. According to astrology, green-brown eyed person is a mix of Saturn, Mars and Venus energies. The strong-willed character leads to high achievements. Surrounding people consider greenish brown eyed intractable, but such a feature also helps them to achieve their goal. Sometimes greenish brown eyed can be brutal and with a tendency to survive severe attacks of anger or depression, but these changes of mood are quite rare. Usually their mood is calm and harmonious.