Reimbursement for laser eye surgery

Earn money by telling Your friends about our clinic and get back the money paid for Your laser eye surgery!


A referred patient to our eye clinic “New Vision” with a discount coupon for eye correction must present it to the registrar, before starting an outpatient medical card for the initial diagnostic examination of both eye parameters with a doctor’s consultation.

We have decided to create the “Reimbursement for laser eye surgery” program when we understood that the most appropriate way to tell people about our clinic “New vision” is together with our happy and loyal clients. And most importantly, doing that by providing excellent results of laser eye surgery method iQ-LASIK.

This is the program of loyal patients that is working in their interest, since they are saving money as well as more and more people get to know about eye care center “New Vision”.

Have you undergone the laser eye surgery at our clinic “New vision” when this bonus program started (since 2018-01-07)? Are you satisfied with the results and ready to recommend our clinic to your relatives, friends, colleagues, or other acquaintances? Then you can confidently participate in our bonus program. You will receive a personalized card for recommendations that will allow you to refer 26 people to our eye clinic “New Vision”.

We will reimburse you

For each person You send to our clinic “New vision” we will reimburse You 40 

Total gift worth

Our clinic “New Vision” gives this amount of money to loyal patients and their referred friends!

For each person You refer to our clinic we reimburse You 40 EUR, and the patient with a bonus card gets 40 EUR discount for his / her laser eye surgery. Not bad? However, for our loyal patients we are ready to do even more. From 21st to 24th patient You refer to our clinic, we give You a bonus of 80 EUR, for the 25th a bonus of 90 EUR, and for 26th a bonus of even 100 EUR.


Nowadays, the price for refractive laser eye surgery provided by any method of premium class is 840 EUR for both eyes. Therefore, there is a possibility to get all the money You have paid for the surgery back and earn even more for a wonderful vacation at the seaside, by getting reimbursement of 1310 EUR.


When a person gets a high quality service for a very honest price and additionally gets a bonus, it is twice pleasant. We save our money on advertisement and this program is our gratitude to the patients for that not only because they have chosen eye clinic “New vision” and got a wonderful eyesight result from iQ-LASIK method, but also recommended us to their friends.