Why do people have different eye colours?

Since the ancient times it has been said that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”, otherwise paraphrased, eyes contain all information about personality; one only has to learn to read it. We might also try to read non-verbal behavior, which reflects human intentions, interests and attitudes. Where have different eye colors come from, how they relate to the nature, its cataclysms and how many different shades can we discover in human sight?

The earliest inhabitants of the earth were the brown-eyed. Later, the Earth’s collision with a comet followed and our planet’s orbit has changed, which ultimately affected the change of climate. The Ice age started, and the brown-eyed people’s vital energy was not enough to ensure the survival of humanity.

In such extreme circumstances, mutation started and more vigorous kind of people developed, whose eyes were cold – shaded: blue, gray, and blue. Gray-eyed people might have been a counterweight to the missing energy of brown-eyed people; they helped to survive and increase the population. Due to the mixing among people of different eye colors, the new type of people appeared, their eyes had wide variety of shades, and thus, within time, it has become customary to encounter greyish – green, green, greenish-brown, greyish-green- brown, greyish – brown eyed people.

Nowadays, exploration of human personalities within different eye types shows that the gray-eyed are characterized by the energy excess. They tend to exploit, while the brown-eyed want to compensate for the lack of energy – gain as much existential potential as possible.

It would be really easy if people were limited only to two colours of the eyes, however, in its mixed versions, it becomes difficult to define the energy situation: greenish -brown or greyish- green eyed are characterized by energy transmission as well as reception of the demand – it all depends in what kind of mood they woke up. Astrologers and bioenergetics, engaged in the characteristics of different eye-coloured people can even define characters, the possible gifts of fate as well as the lack of them; they can also envision the proper selection of partners for you. Why blue-eyed rarely win the lotteries, and why for the brown-eyed it is better to look for a loved one among the blue-eyed, read in our forthcoming article.