Laser vision correction for active lifestyle enthusiasts

SportLife LASEK

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An uncompromising solution for professional athletes

It is no secret that sport brings to our lives sometimes small and sometimes bigger changes that significantly affect our lifestyle and rhythm. Wearing glasses and contact lenses often causes difficulties and inconveniences for athletes and people who otherwise promote an active lifestyle.

Optimal vision correction method without side effects

Fortunately, now there are methods in the world that allow even such people to get rid of the need to wear any kind of glasses and contact lenses. The most reliable, but requiring very careful patient selection, is SportLife LASEK laser vision correction.

A completely individual approach

Our state-of-the-art excimer laser allows to properly model patient’s cornea using a special nomogram. This procedure is not only safe, but also extremely fast enables to solve vision problems for athletes who experience heavy physical activity and participate in contact sports.

Among our patients there are Olympic champions who admit that laser vision correction has helped them achieve even better results. Laser vision correction under this program allows to return to sports as soon as possible after the procedure. SportLife LASEK is a laser vision correction for those who do not need to compromise their health. Live a fulfilling life you too!

Guaranteed safety

Millions of laser vision correction procedures are performed worldwide every year. The technology and safety of this methodology gives patients a fast result, allows them to see the world in all its colors, without the need for additional tools – glasses and / or contact lenses.

Great results in just minutes

The positive results of vision corrections performed in our clinic speak for themselves. Thanks to the latest and most advanced equipment used, the operation of both eyes takes no more than 7 minutes, and after correction, most patients reach 100% visual acuity.

No disturbance to the normal rhythm of life

Laser correction surgery does not disrupt the normal rhythm of life: the patient does not need to go on vacation, as normal visual loads are allowed already a few days after the eyesight correction.

Vision correction price list

ServicePrice EUR
Retinal laser photocoagulation120
YAG laser treatment185
capsulotomy (for secondary cataract)
Corneal augmentation surgery
  • New technologies
CROSS - linking method
Laser eye surgery
  • iQ-LASIK Oxygen
  • Special price
  • New technologies
iQ-LASIK Oxygen method
Laser eye surgery
  • Genius ELITE
  • Special price
  • New technologies
Genius ELITE method, touch-free
Service prices for one eye surgery