Tablet pc is not harmful to our eyes

Ever since the invention of television, when discussing the effects of TV on children, parents have scared their little ones by constantly reminding that watching TV too often would ultimately make them put on glasses. In recent decades the old bogeyman “has acquired some new friends“- tablet computer and mobile phone, not to mention other modern gadgets. There have been considerable efforts to protect children’s eyes from these new “monsters “. So, what should we really avoid and where lies the cause of myopia, especially, among young kids?
Over the course of a few years Australian scientists have observed thousands of children, trying to better understand what impact on shortsightedness has staying outside during the daylight hours. It has been proved that among those children who were outside a few hours longer than their peers, the prevalence of myopia was lower. This fact is interesting and complementing to the idea that prolonged sitting at a computer; telephone or TV share the most harm to the child’s eyes. However, while some caretakers decide to isolate their children from these “harmful monsters”, it is first useful to find out, what kind of harm is actually being done by the modern techniques.
After taking into account the latest clinical research, the Australian Government has issued recommendations that children under the age of two should be banned from watching television. What is the reason behind this announcement? Watching TV from early childhood might cause child’s attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as impairments in the development of speech. Moreover, the spread of new technology among Australian children brought another problem, which is obesity (one in five children is overweight). Obsessed with TV, a child ceases to play; there is less active movement, little social interaction – all these factors cause damage in language development.
In terms of children’s sight, more and more medical professionals both in Lithuania and abroad recognize that the tablet computer, sms message writing, reading on the phone and watching television are just as damaging as book reading, a thoroughly strained work in one place and similar things, because all of them have one common problem – inability to divert tired eyes from the object and take some time for them to rest.
In order to avoid premature myopia as well as visual deterioration in adults, while working on the computer it is necessary to apply the well-known rules, i.e. every 45 min distracting the eyes for 5-10 minutes and looking somewhere in the distance – through the window or doing ordinary eye exercises to trigger ocular blood flow: swirl the eyes from side to side, up and down and apply another exercise: near – far (directing the sight to an object in the distance and back to the nearer). In this way, the eyes get rid of tension and dryness. It is important to do these exercises without glasses, so that the eye could handle itself, would not be allowed to „get lazy “- both while knitting or watching TV. Ideally, while working intensively, at least a short walk outside every few hours would be very beneficial.
There is no need to fear school books being replaced with tablet computers – after all, the latter increase the letters, there is good text lighting from the bottom, etc. While doing any “myopia threatening” work it is important to do the exercises, to be in well-lit room to avoid eye fatigue and not to forget the most important – allowing the eye to rest. Even if it’s only “an innocent” book reading!