The use of contact lenses can lead to permanent visual loss. Is it possible?

Lately color eye contact lenses have been very popular among people who seek uniqueness, want to express their personality, or simply follow the fashion.
It is estimated that in the world millions of people wear contact lenses, often at a very young age, sometimes even hiding it from one another. It goes without saying why so many people choose multicolored or natural color contact lenses – it is the best way to hide visual flaws. But are contact lenses really harmless?
Just a couple of months ago many people in Britain were shocked to hear the news about a young woman who became blind after swimming in a pool while wearing her contacts. Contagious type of water parasite trapped between the lenses, ultimately causing acanthamoeba keratitis. After the lens comes in to contact with stagnant water, a special type of protozoa might grow. The same should be said about the dirt that causes eye infection. Only a couple of days can be enough for a person to lose vision permanently. This happens because eye inflammation is very difficult to treat and a person should be considered lucky if, after swimming in a lake, sea, hotel’s swimming pool or a pond with non-exclusive lenses, is being put in a hospital for treatment and gets away with “only the loss of the cornea”.
Serious medical eye condition may also occur due to bacteria that thrive within contact lens containers or in the liquid where the lenses are stored. Replacing the above mentioned liquid only once a month increases the risk of the growth of microorganisms that later settle on the lenses.
What solutions can be applied in order to avoid ocular inflammation, corneal redness or even complete blindness, not to mention the amputation of the eye?
First of all, lenses should only be purchased directly, after the thorough doctor examination of lens mobility and fitting. Secondly, the lenses should be worn under all rigid instructions, which means, if some water gets into the eye, the lens must be thrown away, despite of the fact that it is not a one-off, but wearable all month. Also, if eyes redness occurs or the discomfort continues, contact lenses should be urgently removed from the eye. It is therefore very important to keep lens storage containers beside while at work, on the road, street or elsewhere.
While working at a computer, it is necessary to use eye moisturizing drops as they help to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes.
If the worst happens – you find yourself in a bathtub, lake or sea with eye lenses through forgetfulness – immediately seek medical attention.
It is also strictly forbidden to wear contact lenses in the premises, where reparation, painting, extensive spraying of hair lacquers, use of chemical acetone is going on. The material from which the lenses are made has the ability to absorb such kind of chemicals and it is one of the most harmful things for your precious eyes.