Refractive lens exchange

Treatment of severe farsightedness, myopia and astigmatism by BiVision refractive lens exchange (RLE)

Intraocular correction – an alternative to laser eye surgery

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BiVision refractive lens exchange

If it has been determined that you cannot perform laser vision correction, do not give up, as there are other ways to regain good vision!

Eye clinic “New Vision” offers surgeries that can help you. BiVision RLE (Refractive Lensectomy) is an effective method for the correction of severe myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism when laser vision correction is not possible for medical reasons. During the consultation, we will be able to determine whether an operation can be performed for you and which operation would be most suitable for you.

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During the long years of work of the eye clinic "New Vision", we have provided hundreds of thousands of ophthalmic services to our patients.

By choosing one of the most modern and reliable clinics in the Baltic States – the eye clinic “New Vision” – you can be sure of the quality of services provided here. Our network of clinics has served more than 5.000.000 patients over the past 15 years.

In order to restore good vision to the patient, her / his natural eye lenses are replaced with artificial intraocular lenses (which are similar to small contact lenses) with precise parameters so that people of any age can see well up-close and in distance.

Refractive lens replacement BiVision RLE is an effective technique for improving vision both in reading and in everyday life. You will see well throughout the distance and up close without glasses.

You will never have a cataract. If there are symptoms of cataract, they will also be removed during this surgery. Thus, refractive lens replacement helps to avoid the need for cataract surgery (which usually affects everyone of respectable age) in the future.

Intraocular correction is recommended for patients over 40 years old (when the needed for reading glasses appear). The advantage of this procedure is that a multifocal lens can be used to correct vision both near and far.

Refractive lens exchange ensures that you never need glasses again. This operation is also recommended for younger people who cannot wear contact lenses due to various obstacles, for example, sometimes there is simply not enough space in patient’s eyes.

Are you over 45 years old? You have never used glasses, but lately your eyes are getting tired of working up close and you have already been prescribed the first glasses for work. This problem is called presbyopia or hyperopia. With the current state of technology, it is possible to get rid completely of addiction to glasses once and for all with the help of a simple intervention – the replacement of a refractive lens. At eye clinic “New Vision”, this treatment has been used for more than 10 years, during which more than 30.000 similar surgeries have been performed using the exclusive RayOne Trifocal intraocular lenses from the British company Rayner and using the BiVision RLE surgical procedure. Advantages of intraocular correction by BiVision RLE method:
  • Forget glasses. Definitely. Intraocular lens implantation corrects presbyopia (age-related farsightedness). The patient begins to see better in the dark, her / his vision becomes much brighter than it was with glasses, both near and far. Take off your glasses and never wear them again!
  • You cannot have laser vision correction? The BiVision RLE method can correct any farsightedness, myopia and astigmatism.
  • Only the highest quality. From the first working day of the eye clinic “New Vision”, we do not use conventional lenses or other low-cost consumables. We implant only the best multifocal lenses from the British company Rayner for our patients.
  • You will never have a cataract. During the replacement of the refractive lens, the surgeon of our eye clinic “New Vision” carefully polishes the lens capsule (bag) in each case. This increases the postoperative visual acuity of patients and helps to avoid the need for future cataract surgery.
  • At the eye clinic “New Vision”, we use the English water jet method iQ-5 Minutes to change lenses. To remove a damaged lens of the eye, we do not use the ultrasound that is commonly used elsewhere. In this way, the surface of the eye is touched minimally without causing stress to the cornea and other structures of the eye. The lens is gently removed with just water in less than 5 minutes.
  • Top-notch surgery. The eye clinic “New Vision” has been operating since 1999. Many years of experience in treating more than several million patients, qualified specialists, constant investment in the most advanced technologies and methods of treating eye diseases allow us not only to remain competitive, but also to continue to offer the highest quality eye disease treatment services.
  • We are ahead of time. The leading manufacturers of ophthalmic equipment consider the opinion of the surgeons of our eye clinic “New Vision” when supplying equipment that has not yet been put into circulation for testing to adjust its work.
Consumables made in England

The eye clinic "New Vision" uses only the lenses of the British company Rayner

Refractive lens exchange

ServicePrice EUR
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)
  • PREMIUM lenses
  • New eye protection technologies
by implanting a soft intraocular vision correction lens Rayner or Alcon.
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)
  • PREMIUM lenses
  • Program „LIVE VISION“
  • New eye protection technologies
by implanting a soft intraocular vision correction lens RayOne EMV.
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)
  • PREMIUM lenses
  • New eye protection technologies
by implanting a TORIC soft intraocular vision correction lens.
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)
  • PREMIUM lenses
  • New eye protection technologies
by implanting a soft intraocular vision correction lens Acrysof IQ PanOptix.
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)1530
by implanting a soft intraocular vision correction lens Rayner RayOne Trifocal.
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)1844
by implanting a soft intraocular vision correction lens PanOptix Toric.
Cataract surgery800
without vision-correcting lens implantation
YAG laser treatment185
capsulotomy (for secondary cataract)
Free of charge
included in the price of the service
Service prices are for one eye surgery
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