Natalya Ryabokon

“I was weighing up the pros and cons of the laser eye correction for a long time. Finally, I decided to undergo the surgery. Now I am convinced that neither glasses nor contact lenses are able to afford with such a good eyesight as the laser correction surgery. Now I have understood how vain my […]

Elena Mikhaylova

“A poor eyesight was an obstacle for me to go for sports. Moreover, I did not like the look of myself with the glasses. After a laser correction surgery I had an inexpressible feeling. I was wandering through the streets of the city and was just enjoying the feeling of having this new eyesight. My […]

Victors Kormiltsevs

“I was hesitating to undergo a laser eye correction as I had certain fears of the surgery. However, when my brother had the laser correction in your Clinic, and moreover, he was highly satisfied with the results, all my fears and dreads had vanished somewhere. The aftereffect of the surgery is outstanding! Wonderful doctors, polite […]

Dmitriys Jershovs

“I have been suffering from poor eyesight for a long time. I wore neither glasses nor contact lenses. As I spend a lot of time driving a car, I have decided it is high time I changed the situation. Thanks to my friends who told me about your Clinic New Vision and the services it […]

Sergeys Fils

“Clinic New Vision is a perfect place to get rid of those dull glasses and to see the world in new colours. My friends have recommended to visit you and I am very happy now that I have followed their recommendations. A highly skilled personnel, competitive price and a result beyond any expectations – could […]

Roman Polyanski

“A good eyesight is necessary when driving a car. Moreover, I just got tired of wearing my glasses. After a laser eye correction, I feel excellently as I can see everything brightly and distinctly. The only and minor inconvenience… I cannot get rid of that bad habit to titivate non-existent glasses. I have chosen your […]

Valentina Matule


“I had been wearing glasses for a long time, and it was not a surprise that I wanted to get rid of them. Accidently, I stumbled upon the information about your Clinic on the internet. I got captivated by the price, which finally induced me to undergo a laser correction surgery. After the laser eye […]

Andris Kupra


“I decided to go for a laser eye correction simply because I got tired of my glasses. Many of my friends went to your eye care center for the laser correction, and they urged me for the surgery in the Clinic New Vision. As I expected the result did not disappoint me. I am very […]

Anzelmas Filimanavitchius


“I have been dreaming of the laser eye correction since I was 16. As soon as after my 18th birthday the eyesight has stabilized, not waiting any more I have decided to make my dream come true. At Christmas I got the most exciting gift from my mother – a laser eye correction surgery! I […]

Karolina Gintchiene


“Eventually, poor eyesight and my glasses have exhausted me. I have been suffering from an impaired vision for 15 years. I have decided to choose your Clinic because of my friends’ recommendations. Besides, I have read so many positive responses from your patients… When I started deepening in to the details, I saw that the […]

Ugnius Keturka


“I was tired out by my impaired vision and necessity to wear glasses all the time. I have had a poor eyesight for 25 years, that is why after the laser eye correction surgery I feel so excited. Moreover, I have got rid of extra load on my nose… i.e., my glasses. An attractive cost […]

Igors Murashovs


“I was weighing up the pros and cons of the laser eye correction for a long time. Finally, I decided to undergo the surgery. Now I am convinced that neither glasses nor contact lenses are able to afford with such a good eyesight as the laser correction surgery. Now I have understood how vain my […]

Irena Tratchuma


“I had poor eyesight since my early days. But I always knew I wanted to see clearly, brightly and distinctly. I wanted to see everything in the tiniest detail. After a laser correction surgery, I feel incredibly. Now, my world is depicted in quite different colours. I can see now why only your Clinic receives […]

Inta Lipovska


“I got tired of contact lenses and glasses. But I still wanted to have good eyesight… I have been suffering from the impaired vision for 15 long years. After a laser correction surgery I feel so good. Even my mood is quite different now. After waking up in the morning I do not have to […]

Aurimas Nauyalis


“I had very poor eyesight. Moreover, my eyes were so painful… After a laser eye correction I feel very good. I can see everything so brightly and clearly. I have chosen your clinic because of your huge experience and expertize in this field. Besides, you have good so many positive responses, which is a great […]

Ruslans Solovyovs


“My impaired vision, and dull glasses tired me out. After a laser correction surgery I feel very good. I am really satisfied. My life has become more simple. My eyesight is perfect. I have selected you because only in the clinic New Vision you can get good eyesight for a reasonable price. My sincere thanks […]

Anna Minova


“I have been suffering from an impaired vision since I was a child. At school, because of the glasses I was quite a confined person. I had a carving for looking like other students and feeling comfortably. I was waiting for my eyesight to stabilize with huge impatience to undergo a laser eye correction as […]

Vsevolods Zakharovs


“I have got tired of wearing the glasses. At last, I grew up for a laser correction surgery. After the laser eye surgery I feel very good, as if I am living quite a different life. My vision now is perfect. Plenty of my friends have recommended your eye care center to me. Besides, I […]

Kristina Tarasova


“The main reason why I decided in favour of the laser eye correction was that I got tired of wearing the glasses. After reading the feedback from the patients who have undergone the laser correction surgery, I have made up my mind too. After the surgery, I feel very well. My eyesight is much better. […]

Madis Merila


“Glasses were an obstacle to enjoy sporting. I am very satisfied with a laser correction, as it has changed my life for the better. I just know that a lot of people will be anxious to find out how I like your clinic and the aftereffects of the surgery. My answer will be simple – […]

Olga Ruckina


“I would like to thank your clinic for giving me the opportunity to see the world and all its beauty. Many thanks to the medical center staff for their work. Everyone is very friendly and responsive here. Thanks “New Vision” my childhood dream came true! My eyesight returned to 100%. Once again, thank you very […]

Andrej Popov


“My job pushed me to have the laser eye surgery – I must have 100% eyesight if I want to continue this work. My lady friend recommended the clinic “New Vision” to me. She also had the laser eye surgery here and was very satisfied with the result. I read a lot of good information […]

Nikolaj Govrilov


“I have had problems with my eyesight for a long time. I wore glasses, because of my myopia, and I had to wear glasses for reading. When I learned about laser eye surgery, I immediately called you. My friends told me that after laser eye surgery their life became better, but I must to be […]

Sharune Juknaite


“When your ophthalmologist does not recommend contact lenses, and you finally get tired of your glasses, you naturally start looking for another options, e.g. a laser eye surgery. I was really surprised by the result. Now I can see everything clearly again! I have visited several clinics. However, I can assure that this one is […]

Glenn Olsen


“I had the poor eyesight since I was 16. I was just tired of glasses, and then I began to think about laser eye surgery. I considered several clinics, but such an operation is very expensive in Norway. Then I found with Google the medical center “New Vision”. I compared prices with other clinics in […]

Musawir Hussain


“Being purblind nearly exhausted me. I got tired of the glasses, which I had been wearing since I was seven. My impaired vision had caused me plenty of different problems. But after a laser eye surgery the world surrounding me is distinct and bright now. And it is more than spectacular! I need neither glasses […]

Igors Konstantinovs


“The glasses and contact lenses tired me out. But at the same time I had doubts on the ability of a laser correction method to improve my eyesight. I have chosen your Clinic due to a tremendous number of successful surgeries you have made so far. This is a substantial proof of your skills and […]

Edijs Storhs and Inese Storha


“My eyesight problems started six years ago – I had a small minus. I need glasses only to drive in the evening, but it still bothered me. My wife and I learned a lot about laser eye surgery. It was important to find a clinic, where is not only high-quality services, but also a good […]

Giedrius Kuprevitchius


“I have been playing baseball since I was a child. However, my glasses were quite an obstacle for my favourite sport. I have been thinking about a laser eye correction for pretty a long time. But when I had to wear my glasses every day, and perceived that only the glasses make me see better, […]

Edgars Ozerovskis


“I am the winner of the contest – the best video on the topic “Why do I want to have a laser eye surgery done?” It all began when the clinic “New Vision” announced the contest on their website. My lady friend, who also had laser eye surgery in this clinic, often visited their website, […]

Andrej Shkuratov


“My friends recommended me this clinic. Besides, I’m not the first time met the doctor who operated on me. I have always been very pleased with his work. The surgery was successful. Even the first few hours after the surgery, I did not feel any discomfort. I am very pleased with the result. I feel […]

Marija Dobrovolska


“I came to “New Vision” with 22 years of myopia experience (before the surgery my sight was at about -8 dpt. and getting worse slowly. I wore contacts for 13 years because I hated glasses, they limited me too much. At some point I started noticing that contacts are not a solution for good, my […]