Laser eye surgery

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Vision correction methods:

lazerinė akių korekcija

Vision correction


750 €


The eye clinic “New vision” has received the most innovative laser on the market, which allows correcting even more complex vision problems. We give 12 year guarantee for the result of corneal tissue regression. 3 year guarantee for free ophthalmologist follow-ups (optometric tests are not included) in our clinic for all patients, regardless of the country of treatment.

Guaranteed safety

Millions of laser vision correction procedures are performed worldwide every year. The technology and safety of this methodology gives patients a fast result, allows them to see the world in all its colors, without the need for additional tools – glasses and / or contact lenses.

Great results in just minutes

The positive results of vision corrections performed in our clinic speak for themselves. Thanks to the latest and most advanced equipment used, the operation of both eyes takes no more than 7 minutes, and after correction, most patients reach 100% visual acuity.

No disturbance to the normal rhythm of life

Laser correction surgery does not disrupt the normal rhythm of life: the patient does not need to go on vacation, as normal visual loads are allowed already a few days after the sight correction.

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laser eye surgeries

During the long years of work of the eye clinic "New Vision", we have provided hundreds of thousands of ophthalmic services to our patients.

By choosing one of the most modern and reliable clinics in the Baltic States – the eye clinic “New Vision” – you can be sure of the quality of services provided here. Our network of clinics has served more than 5,000,000 patients over the past 15 years. Andrej Radzko, one of our most experienced doctors, works in Lithuania and has personally performed over 70,000 surgeries.

eagle vision

Our only clinic in the Baltics uses an even more accurate, innovative, and safe laser vision correction method, which allows the patient’s eyes to heal even faster and, if desired, can be safely applied even to women before pregnancy.

An exceptional modern and reliable way to correct vision for professional athletes, airplane pilots, racers, submarine sailors or extremely active lifestyle enthusiasts.

Vision correction price list

ServicePrice EUR
Retinal laser photocoagulation120
YAG laser treatment185
capsulotomy (for secondary cataract)
Corneal augmentation surgery
  • New technologies
CROSS - linking method
Laser eye surgery
  • iQ-LASIK Oxygen
  • Special price
  • New technologies
iQ-LASIK Oxygen method
Laser eye surgery
  • Genius ELITE
  • Special price
  • New technologies
Genius ELITE method, touch-free
Service prices for one eye surgery
Questions and answers

How does the laser eye surgery work?

Schedule Your visit

Call the reception or register on our website. You will be given a convenient time to visit the clinic for the diagnosis. Patients from other countries can perform diagnostics and laser vision correction on the same day.

Eye diagnostics

Visit our clinic for a comprehensive eye examination lasting 1.5-2 hours.

Laser eye surgery

The laser eye surgery procedure itself takes about 5-7 minutes. Pre-operative and postoperative examination time can extend a patient’s stay in the clinic by up to several hours. At least 12 hours before the operation, the patient must refrain from contact lenses (glasses can be worn) and do not use cosmetics, creams, perfumes. It is necessary to have dark sunglasses with you after the operation. Laser eye surgery can be performed immediately after eye diagnostics (this is especially relevant for those coming from other cities and countries; pre-registration is required to do everything in one visit).

Post-operative visits

That's all!

Your treatment has been completed successfully! If you still have questions, our eye clinic “New Vision” recommends reading the prepared postoperative instructions.

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