Cataract surgery

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kataraktos operacija
Eye examination

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lazerinė akių korekcija
Laser eye surgery

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Special price for laser eye correction by any method: 750 EUR for both eyes. Hurry up, the offer is limited in time.


Edgars Ozerovskis

Laser eye surgery

“I am the winner of the contest – the best video on the topic “Why do I want to have a laser eye surgery done?” It all began when the clinic “New Vision” announced the contest on their website. My lady friend, who also had laser eye surgery in this clinic, often visited their website, so she saw that it is possible to win a free laser eye surgery. My friends and I decided not to make an emotional video, but something fun and positive. I have remembered the interesting situations of my life, where of course the main role played glasses. In this video I accidentally step on my glasses and you know this is not fiction, it really sometimes happened. Sometimes I had to take my friend’s glasses and then look for my glasses. So we made the video, put it on “New Vision” facebook page and got a lot of Like. But even if I didn’t win this contest, I still would have the laser eye surgery in the medical center “New Vision”, because I have been already searching for the right moment to come here for a long time. My eyesight problems began in high school, but I didn’t wear glasses. I began wearing glasses and lenses only four years ago. I spend much time on the computer, because I study and work at the same time. I felt discomfort wearing lenses, and my eyes were tired recently. At the end of the day my eyes were so dry that I couldn’t to continue tolerate this longer. My eyes started not even taking lenses. And now, finally I’m here. Before laser eye surgery I did not have any excitement. The operation lasted only few minutes. It was not painful. The only unpleasant thing was that I couldn’t close my eyes all this time. After surgery – only 5 minutes and your eyes do not burn, you feel good, you start slowly to get used to your new eyesight. The clinic “New Vision” is just superb. I am not surprised that you have such a flow of patients from Latvia. It is very comfortable here. The high quality service is here and the surgery cost is a lot less than in Latvia. Some people are surprised by the low price, but they should to understand that when the clinic makes such a large number of surgical procedures as the “New Vision”, it can afford it. There is a good approach to patient … Great doctors … I liked everything. So much time and attention the staff of this clinic gives to each patient and everyone here is always in a good mood and always willing to help. Thank you very much!”

Laser eye surgery, astigmatism, and cataract treatment – our tasks, which we perform professionally, safely, and efficiently.

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