“I came to “New Vision” with 22 years of myopia experience (before the surgery my sight was at about -8 dpt. and getting worse slowly. I wore contacts for 13 years because I hated glasses, they limited me too much. At some point I started noticing that contacts are not a solution for good, my eyes were getting more and more tired of them. I got a consult in Germany, where I live, and was told that LASIK wouldn’t be possible, my cornea was too thin. The only option I was offered was a procedure for 6,000 euros which would solve my sight problem until I got farsighted, so for about 15 years. I decided not to have it. My mum lives in Riga, she saw an ad of “New Vision” in a paper and told me about it. When I went to Riga for a holiday in summer, I stopped by in Vilnius and got a consult at “New Vision”. I was told LASIK was indeed an option but it wouldn’t get 100% of my sight back. I would still have a little myopia. I didn’t think too long, I said yes to my new quality of life. I had the operation in the late October, 2013. I was told to have my eyes checked 4-6 weeks after surgery to pick the right glasses for driving. I did so in December and found out that I now have -0.5 dpt on one eye and -1.0 dpt on the other, which allows me even to drive without glasses. I want to thank Dr Radzko, he’s now my second favourite doctor in the world after Dr. House ☺ The procedure was absolutely amazingly pain-free and the recovery very quick. The service was perfect, the personnel very kind. Do I have to mention the price of the procedure? I think I don’t, it’s too obvious ☺ . If I had to choose again, I’d choose “New Vision” every day again. Thank You so much!!! 10 stars out of 5 from me and I keep recommending you to everyone around interested in eye surgery. “