Cataract surgery

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kataraktos operacija
Eye examination

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lazerinė akių korekcija
Laser eye surgery

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Special price for laser eye correction by any method: 850 EUR for both eyes. Hurry up, the offer is limited in time.


Marija Dobrovolska

Laser eye surgery

“I came to “New Vision” with 22 years of myopia experience (before the surgery my sight was at about -8 dpt. and getting worse slowly. I wore contacts for 13 years because I hated glasses, they limited me too much. At some point I started noticing that contacts are not a solution for good, my eyes were getting more and more tired of them. I got a consult in Germany, where I live, and was told that LASIK wouldn’t be possible, my cornea was too thin. The only option I was offered was a procedure for 6,000 euros which would solve my sight problem until I got farsighted, so for about 15 years. I decided not to have it. My mum lives in Riga, she saw an ad of “New Vision” in a paper and told me about it. When I went to Riga for a holiday in summer, I stopped by in Vilnius and got a consult at “New Vision”. I was told LASIK was indeed an option but it wouldn’t get 100% of my sight back. I would still have a little myopia. I didn’t think too long, I said yes to my new quality of life. I had the operation in the late October, 2013. I was told to have my eyes checked 4-6 weeks after surgery to pick the right glasses for driving. I did so in December and found out that I now have -0.5 dpt on one eye and -1.0 dpt on the other, which allows me even to drive without glasses. I want to thank Dr Radzko, he’s now my second favourite doctor in the world after Dr. House ☺ The procedure was absolutely amazingly pain-free and the recovery very quick. The service was perfect, the personnel very kind. Do I have to mention the price of the procedure? I think I don’t, it’s too obvious ☺ . If I had to choose again, I’d choose “New Vision” every day again. Thank You so much!!! 10 stars out of 5 from me and I keep recommending you to everyone around interested in eye surgery. “

Laser eye surgery, astigmatism, and cataract treatment – our tasks, which we perform professionally, safely, and efficiently.

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