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iQ-Life 3D “Live Vision”

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iq-life Live Vision

Only our eye clinic “New Vision” uses this innovative eyesight treatment program “Live Vision”, based on technology recommended by pilots and astronauts. This program enables patients to make cataract, presbyopia and refractive surgeries and thus restore youthful close-up and distance vision without glasses.

Cataract is a painless clouding of the lens of the eye that causes a person’s vision to become blurred. Our eye clinic “New Vision” uses a revolutionary method of phacoemulsification of cataract with a “stream of water”. This is the “golden” standard for cataract removal. Modern eye protection (viscoelast) is used during the operation. Surgery is performed using an advanced microsurgical microscope and special medical equipment (phacoemulsifier). This method no longer uses ultrasound to remove a damaged lens of the eye, but the English “water jet”. This minimizes contact with the surface of the eye and ensures that the internal, highly fragile structure of the eye is not damaged. The patient’s health condition is closely monitored during the entire surgery by an anesthesiologist who has all the necessary monitoring complex and is ready to provide emergency care.

Thanks to the new 3D technology, before the surgeon’s eyes there is not a microscope eyepiece with very bright illumination, but a modern huge 4K standard 3D screen, in which the surgeon and the entire operation team can see even more clearly and can control the progress of laser vision correction.

iQ-Life 3D technology allows surgeons to monitor both ultrasound parameters and other key data such as intraocular pressure, water flow rate, and volume in real time on a single large 3D display. In this way, we can ensure even less invasiveness of the operation, increase its efficiency and safety. The operation no longer requires the use of bright light, making it easier for the patient to endure the entire intervention process.

You may still have an additional question: Why iQ? What does intelligence and its quotient have to do with this technology? In our case, iQ is not a measure of intellectual development, but an acronym for “ideal Quality“.

Thanks to advanced technology, the cataract removal procedure is now performed even faster. A multifocal intraocular (IOL) lens from the British company RAYNER is used for implantation. This guarantees excellent visual results that exceed all patient expectations. IOLs are made exclusively in the UK and have won the Queen Elizabeth II Award for impeccable quality. Not without reason, the quality of RAYNER materials and intraocular lenses are guaranteed for up to 100 years. After all, the company started manufacturing these lenses back in 1949.

The operation does not disrupt the rhythm of daily life. After a few days, the normal visual load is already possible, and after a month, there are no more restrictions. You can pilot a plane or jump with a parachute. Every year, millions of people thank ophthalmologists and RAYNER for the opportunity to have a “live vision”. We are glad that now it is achievable for all our beloved Lithuanian people.

We are confident that now you understand why, even in the most complex cases of eye diseases, we boldly offer safe and effective cataract surgery WITHOUT ANY CUT and TOUCH with the advanced iQ-Life 3D method using English water jet. By entrusting us with the most precious thing – your health, you can be sure that you will get the best result. Schedule your visit and we will prove this to you!

Cataract surgery prices

ServicePrice EUR
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)
  • PREMIUM lenses
  • New eye protection technologies
by implanting a soft intraocular vision correction lens Rayner or Alcon.
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)
  • PREMIUM lenses
  • Program „LIVE VISION“
  • New eye protection technologies
by implanting a soft intraocular vision correction lens RayOne EMV.
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)
  • PREMIUM lenses
  • New eye protection technologies
by implanting a TORIC soft intraocular vision correction lens.
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)
  • PREMIUM lenses
  • New eye protection technologies
by implanting a soft intraocular vision correction lens Acrysof IQ PanOptix.
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)1530
by implanting a soft intraocular vision correction lens Rayner RayOne Trifocal.
Cataract surgery (Refractive lens exchange - RLE)1844
by implanting a soft intraocular vision correction lens PanOptix Toric.
Cataract surgery800
without vision-correcting lens implantation
YAG laser treatment185
capsulotomy (for secondary cataract)
Free of charge
included in the price of the service
Service prices are for one eye surgery
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